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Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag Review | Pros & Cons

Titleist is a renowned company for producing top class golf accessories like balls, bags, clubs, irons and many more. They are in this business for more than 80 years and know perfectly how to make a quality golf product.

The Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag is a top class golf bag with classic style, ample storage, unique design and excellent construction. It is a 1-way cart bag that allows you to bring all your necessary clubs and keep them safe.

Here we will talk about the key features with short description of this bag.

Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag

Features: Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag

· The 14 way top and 3 full-length dividers
· 10 zippered pockets, including an insulated beverage pocket and full-length apparel pocket
· Forward facing putter well integrated into the top cuff
· Lift handles integrated into top cuff and along the spine
· Stylish and functional, this is an excellent combination of performance and quality
· Material: Nylon
· Color: Black
· Towel loop, Matching rainhood
· Cart compatible base can be used on both push and riding carts
· Weight: Approximately 5.7 lbs.

Titleist Men’s Lightweight Cart Bag features with 14 way top and 3 full length dividers that will keep your clubs safe and easily accessible on the course.

This bag comes with 10 zippered pockets that include an insulated beverage pocket and full length apparel pocket. These pockets can accommodate everything you need to play golf on the course. You don’t have to leave anything behind at your home.

The Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag is a highly stylish and functional bag. It is highly durable and looks gorgeous too. It comes with an exceptional combination of performance and quality.
The cart has a compatible base that can be used on both push and riding carts.

This bag is built of Nylon so that it can provide you long time service.

The putter well is perfectly integrated into the top cuff as forward facing to provide you a hassle free accessibility.

The bag is featured with Easy-lift handles that help you to load your bag easily. Also, the lift handles of this bag are integrated into the top cuff and the spine will allow you better mobility.

Compare to other cart bags, this Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag is very light that weighs only around 5.7 lbs.

Apart from other features, this bag comes with towel loop, matching rain hood and many more handy features.

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Pros and Cons

· Easy access to all pockets while in golf cart
· Gorgeous design and construction
· Lightweight

· The strip needs to be improved.

The Bottom Line

To wrap up the Titleist Lightweight Cart Bag review, we can say that it is a good bet if you are looking for a quality stand bag. See the latest offers for this bag on Amazon.

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Founders Club Premium Cart Bag Review | 14-Way Top

The Founders Club is a renowned player in the golf accessories industry like golf bag, putter, iron, complete set etc. Their golf bags are classy and highly durable. The Founders Club Premium Cart Bag is one of the best golf cart bags available currently.

After analyzing tons of reviews and users reaction about this product, we come to this decision that currently there are a few competitors of this bag. With a lot of beneficial features and gorgeous design, this bag becomes the first choice of many golfers.

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag comes with 14 Way divider system with rubberized slot that provides ultimate protection for your clubs. With 10 zipper pockets and 2 mesh pockets, you can accommodate all your essential gadgets on this golf bag.

Founders Club Premium 14 Way Cart Bag
Founders Club Premium 14 Way Cart Bag

Here are the details specifications:

  • Molded Organizer; 14 way top dividers
  • 10 zipper pockets and 2 mesh pockets
  • High quality construction with tough inner tubular design
  • Large reinforced base
  • Padded carry strap and double handle side and single front handle
  • Insulated cooler pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket, golf ball and tees pocket etc.
  • Glove holder and string nylon loop holder
  • Umbrella slot and draw string; rain hood
  • 7 pounds


Founders Club Premium Cart BagFounders Club Premium Golf Bag is feature with 14 Way divider system that allows you to bring all your favorite clubs with this cart bag. With the latest technology of this bag, you don’t have to worry about the contact between the clubs.


This bag comes with ample storage to accommodate all your gadgets on the golf bag. It has 10 zipper pockets and 2 mesh pockets. The insulated cooler pocket will keep all your drinks cold throughout the day.

The velour-lined valuables pocket will be handy to keep important stuffs safely. Also a separate golf ball and tees pocket will be very helpful during the rounds.


In terms of construction, Founders Club Premium Cart is better than many top rated golf cart bags. It is built on high quality construction with tough inner tubular design that makes it far superior than others.


Founders Club Premium Golf Bag is featured with padded carry strap that provides you maximum comfort while carrying the bag.


Double handle side and single front handle of this bag allows you to lift the bag from any position with convenience. This is a major benefit of this bag.


The glove holder and string nylon loop holder allows you to bring brushes or other accessories on the golf course. Sometimes, these gadgets become handy during the rounds.

Rubberized Protective Slot Technology

This bag has rubberized protective slot technology that allows great protection to your clubs. This smart technology makes this bag even cooler.


Despite a golf cart bag, it is very lightweight compare to other cart bags available in the market. This bag weighs only about 8.7 pounds that allows you to carry it easily.


Apart from the above features, this bag has more to offer. It provides umbrella slot, draw string, rainhood and many more to protect the bag in any weather.

The large reinforced base also comes as a handy tool with this golf bag.

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Pros and Cons


  • Quick access to the pockets
  • Specific slot for each club, wood and driver
  • Easy to lift and carry to the cart
  • Molded club tubes
  • Very much affordable compare to other cart bags.


  • It would be great to have a better space for putter.

The Bottom Line

The Founders Club Premium Cart Bag comes with every feature you would expect from a top class cart bag. It is highly lightweight golf bag compare to other top quality cart bags in an unbeatable price.

If you are a regular golfer and looking for a top quality cart bag, this bag is surely for you. Hope that you get a clear idea from this Founders Club Premium Cart Bag review.

Don’t forget to check the price and other information of this bag on Amazon.

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Ping Traverse Cart Bag Review 2018 | Pros & Cons

Recently I was looking for a quality cart bag badly. After reading tons of reviews, suggestions and specifications I chose to buy the Ping Traverse Cart Bag and I do not regret at all after using this bag. Here I will show you why this bag is one of the best golf cart bags in 2018.

Ping Traverse Cart Bag 2018
Ping Traverse Cart Bag 2018

PING is a key manufacturer of golf bag industry which produce top class bags and they have earned a huge amount of fans around the world. I am also a longtime fan of them and I admit it impacts my decision to buy this bag.

Still, I would say that this bag has some special qualities that you could hardly find any comparable golf bag in this price range. It is a stylish, slim and maneuverable bag that comes with 14 way top, cart strap channel, 10 large pockets at only 6 pounds weight to carry everything you need on the course.

In short, this Ping Traverse Cart Bag is ideal for the serious riding golfer looking for a lightweight cart bag with a lot of storage options.

The key features of this bag are including:

  • 14-way top
  • 10 total pockets
  • Cart strap channel
  • Drop down ball pocket
  • Cooler pocket 2-velour lined valuables pocket
  • 2 large apparel pockets
  • Rangefinder pocket, ball pocket and many others
  • Molded bottom fits securely on cart
  • Towel/accessory ring
  • Umbrella sleeve
  • Integrated lift handles
  • Tee holders
  • Matching rainhood included
  • Weight: 6 Lbs.


Ping Traverse Cart Bag comes with padded 14-way top dividers to ensure the full protection of the clubs and organize them perfectly. The dividers have enough space to fully cover the clubs so that they won’t clash with each other anyway.

Cart-Strap Channel

One of the best features of this bag is the pass-thru cart strap channel. It is highly convenient strap that keeps all 10 pockets accessible and secured to a cart easily.


Undoubtedly, it is a stylish, slim and maneuverable bag that comes in six new color ways including two new women’s options. The color-combination is a sight for sore eyes and the pocket and cart strap thru design is also top class.


Ping Traverse Golf Bag has 10 pockets to accommodate all your necessary belongings during the rounds. You don’t need to left anything at home as the pockets include cooler pocket, two velour lined valuables pocket, two large apparel pockets, rangefinder pocket, drop down ball pocket and many more.

Hope that you can keep enough lemonade on cooler pockets and bring extra clothes on the large apparel pockets.


This bag comes with integrated lift handles that allows you to lift the bag easily. You don’t have to awkwardly upraise this bag to put it on your car or anywhere else.

Molded Bottom

Sometimes it is hard to fit a golf bag on carts because of the bad bottom system. This bag has molded bottom system that fits perfectly on any cart.


Cart bags normally weighs more than other types of golf bags. But, Ping Traverse Cart Bag is very lightweight, weighs only around 6 lbs. It is a perfect bag for the serious riding golfer who look for a lightweight cart bag with a lot of storage options.


Apart from all the specifications, this bag also comes with towel/accessory ring, umbrella sleeve, tee holders, matching rainhood etc.

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Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and smaller bag that fits perfectly in push carts and power carts.
  • Inside zipper is really cool feature.
  • Ample pocket storage,
  • A clip inside a side pocket to clip car keys


  • A more dedicated putter well would be great for this golf bag.
  • Sometimes the grips catch a little on the bottom.

The Bottom Line

Considering all the features and benefits of this bag, you won’t regret to have a bag like Ping Traverse Cart Bag. Users hardly had any complaint against this bag as it supports you more than you ask on the course.

If you know more about this bag, visit Amazon to get the latest price and other information. This bag is available in various color combinations like

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Click on the links and choose what you suit most! Have a great time on the course!


Cobra King Cart Bag Review 2018 | Pros & Cons

Cobra Golf is a leading golf bag, club and other accessories manufacturer who has been producing top class products for a long time. Cobra King Cart Bag is another superior golf cart bag with all the features you can ask.

It provides ample storage with 13 large pockets that can accommodate all your stuffs and accessories you need on the course. The 15 way top with full length dividers ensure the protection of your clubs.

Cobra Golf 2018 King Cart Bag
Cobra Golf 2018 King Cart Bag

Let’s discuss about the features of this golf bag below:

Key Features:

  •         Dividers: 15-Way top with all full length club dividers and external putter port
  •         Pockets: 13 Pockets; dual oversized Apparel pockets with key Clip, fleece lined valuables & fleece lined range finder pocket, insulated zippered cooler pocket.
  •         Strap: Cart strap pass-through keeps bag secure while still allowing pocket access; Single shoulder strap with COOLFLOW foam
  •         Material: 80% Polyester/20% Polyurethane
  •         Color: Nardo Grey
  •         Weight: 6 lbs.


Cobra King Golf Bag is featured with 15-way full length club dividers that allows multiple club storage options. The dividers are well built and highly protective for your golf clubs. Also, an external putter well fits oversized grips that ensure all clubs in your set get their space properly.


You may not want to leave anything at your home just because your golf bag couldn’t accommodate everything you need. This problem is erased with Cobra King Cart Bag that is featured with 13 large pockets including oversized pockets for extra apparel, a fleece-lined pocket and insulated cooler pocket.

The insulated cooler pocket can hold 12-ounce cans so that you will not be out of beverages during the rounds. Oversized pockets for extra apparel allow you to bring necessary cloth pieces that will support you out there.


Cobra King Cart Bag comes with a lucrative design that made of premium materials. The materials of this bag contains eighty percent polyester and twenty percent polyurethane. It makes this bag highly durable that support you long years.


One of the best things of this golf bag is the well-built strap system. The cart strap pass-through keeps bag secure, at the same time it still allows easy access to the pockets.

The single shoulder strap is featured with CoolFlow foam for extra comfort.


Though, Cobra King Cart Bag is a full featured golf bag, it is still a lightweight golf bag with only about 6 lbs weigh. It doesn’t bother you much while carry on the golf course.

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Pros and Cons


  •         Lots of storage, still lightweight
  •         Perfectly fits onto any cart.
  •         Enough space for extra clothes


  •         An integrated sleeve for brolly would be great.

The Bottom Line

In our hones opinion, Cobra King Cart Bag is a reliable cart bag that provides you ample storage and protective space for your valuables and clubs. Perfectly fit on any cart and lightweight to carry easily during the rounds.

If you are looking for a top quality cart bag, then this bag is the best pick for you. We hope that this Cobra King Cart Bag 2018 review helps you to get the clear picture of this bag. Check the latest price and more details on Amazon.

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Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag Review 2018 | Pros & Cons

Callaway is a giant company in Golf related items like clubs, balls, gloves, bags and other accessories. Unsurprisingly, they are one of the key players in golf bag industry and has been providing quality bags for years. Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag is one of their masterpieces that is also one of the best golf cart bags.

The Org series by Callaway is highly popular cart bag to the golfers for years. It always provides the best service people ask from a cart bag. They continue the class of ORG series with 15 version too, even they fix the issues of 14 version. It is the ultimate premium cart bag with elegant design.

Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag
Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag

The Org 15 Cart Bag comes with plenty of storage with 14 large pockets and highly durable with top class fabrics. The name itself refers that this bag is featured with 15-way top with full length dividers that supports your clubs to be organized and clashing the grips with each other.

Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag Features:

  • Ultimate Premium Cart Bag
  • 15 Way Top with Full Length Dividers
  • Weight: 6.8 Lbs.
  • Single Carry Strap
  • Pockets: 14
  • Putter well fits oversized grips
  • Molded top grab handles for easy lifting
  • Towel look, glove patch, tee holder and umbrella holder
  • Includes rain hood
  • Water resistant valuables pocket, Compression molded magnetic range finder pocket, Oversized Insulated Cooler Pocket with Drain Ports
  • Individual Cell Phone Sleeve
  • Made with Premium Yet Durable Materials
  • Dual Pen Holder
  • Custom Logo: Ball Pocket, Right and Left Side Pockets
  • Color: Black/Titanium/Silver



Callaway has a solution for the most important issue of a golf bag, enough space for all of your clubs. The ORG 15 golf bag is featured with 15-way Divider Club Organization System with full length dividers that helps to organize your clubs without any contact with each other.

It also includes an integrated putter tube in place that is accessible easily through the round.


You may not like to mix up with your golf staffs and personal gadgets like mobile, watch, wallet together. But some bags don’t offer much pockets for valuables while ORG 15 offers 14 large pockets including a magnet-sealed, velour-lined valuables pocket, a thermal-lined cooler pocket and a compression molded rangefinder pocket.

Now carry everything you want including valuables, drinks, rangefinder, golf balls and many more.


The durability of a bag depends largely on the material of its body. Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag has a super structure with premium quality polyester material that makes it durable and support you for a long time.


Some golf bags attached with poor handles that are fragile and inconvenient to use. The ORG 15 cart bag brings two integrated lift assist handles located on the top cuff that allow enhanced maneuverability to carry the bags.


If a golf cart bag doesn’t fit on the trolley, it causes a massive problem to the golfers. This golf bag comes with E-Trolley base system that integrates with many push or riding carts for a secure fit.


This bag has tons of pockets and additional features, still it managed to weigh only about 7 lbs. The cumbersome bags are hard to carry on the course while this bag is lightweight and provide you ultimate comfort on the course.


Except all of the top features of this bag, it also offers some extra benefits. It provides towel loop, hook and loop glove patch and umbrella holder that allows to keep gear within your reach easily.

Also, the bag comes with a matching rainhood that will protect your club during bad weather.

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Pros and Cons


  • Sufficient spaces for your accessories, food, beverages and personal stuff.
  • Lightweight with gorgeous design.
  • High quality material.


  • Many complain about the usability of cell phone holder.

The Bottom Line

To sum up the Callaway Org 15 Cart Bag review, we should say that despite the odds, it worth the price and could be your longtime partner on the golf courses. The huge demand of this bag proves that it provides the best cart bags.

Let us know if you have any comment about this bag and don’t forget to visit Amazon to know the latest price and additional information.

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