5 Types of Golf Bags Explained

Many people frequently ask about the types of golf bags as there are many confusions around this topic. So here we will talk about this with the uses of every bags.

Golf bag is one of the key parts of the game that involves with you through the round. It helps you to keep your belongings safe and not to mention the clubs and other golf accessories.

Types of golf bags
Types of golf bags Source

In short, there are 5 types of golf bags available in the market. These are:

  1. Cart Bags
  2. Carry Bags
  3. Stand Bags
  4. Staff Bags
  5. Travel Bags

Here we will talk about these bags with short description.

Cart Bag                                                                                                                          

Some golf courts require golf carts reasonably. And you may love to play on those golf courses too. In this situation, you would need a golf cart bags to play on those courses.

As the name says itself, cart bags are designed to be transported via golf carts. They are lighter than staff bags but heavier than carry bags. These bags weighs around 6 to 7 pound generally, but definitely it varies. It is well designed for optimal organization.

Mostly these bags are 5 to 9 inches diameter. It comes with larger storage than carry or stand bag. You can bring a lot of golf and personal stuffs inside your carry bag. Also, the pockets are easily accessible when the bag is on a cart.

  • Large storage
  • Lots of pockets
  • Cart friendly

Carry Bag

Golf carry bags (also known as Sunday bags) are specially designed to be carried comfortably by the golfers who like to walk the course. This type of golf bag is the lightest golf bags available in the market. These golf bags weighs approximately 2 pounds.

These bags are so lightweight because the materials used on the body is very light and also built with less options than cart or stand bags.

Carry bags come with less pockets compare to other types of golf bags. These bags have only a couple of pockets while other types of bags have around 6 to 10 pockets.

Carry bags also feature only just couple of dividers while other bags provide 6 to 14 ways dividers.

Granted, there are some golf carry bags that provide enough pockets to accommodate your important essentials. But, in general, these bags should be used to carry the most essential stuffs you may need on the course.

  • Walking with the golf bag helps you to burn calories
  • It is affordable

Stand Bags

Great for carrying while walking the course, stand bags are much lighter than other types.

Albeit you know the definition. Stand bag, a bag that stands on stands.

It comes with two retractable legs that helps to keep the bag stand still. It leans to a side while using the stands. It also capable of stand upright as like the cart bag.

The specialty of these bags are that golfers can use this bag on any surface regardless of the flatness.

These bags are easy to carry as very light compare to other golf bag types. These bags weigh around 3 to 5 pounds (sometimes the weight can varies with different manufacturers).

Another great benefit of this types of golf bag is that it features with shoulder straps that helps to distribute the weight across the shoulders.

Warning: You should be alert while carrying a stand bag on push or pull carts as the legs could be damaged. If you keep it properly, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Can be stand on any surface regardless the flatness.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable

Staff Bags

Staff bags are also known as tour bags. These heavyweight bags are mostly used by the professionals who tours frequently to play on various golf courses.

These bags are totally in different league than other types. These are luxurious, expensive, heavyweight and spacious. These are made with heavier and best quality materials.

  • Large enough to accommodate everything you need on the course.
  • Enough pockets to keep your valuables safe
  • Aristocratic design, you will love for sure.
  • Heavier, not an issue if your caddie carries the bag
  • Expensive

Does it sounds great? Definitely these bags are great but with one condition.

You need to have a personal caddy to carry the bag for you. Otherwise it would be a hectic job for you to carry this bag all the time alone.

Travel Bags

Travel bags aren’t actually like other types of bags. It actually works as a cover of the actual golf bag. It keeps the golf bag as well as the accessories safe by covering those nicely.

These bags feature with padded top that ensures the safety of your bags, clubs and other accessories.

You don’t need to carry these bags to the course as these designed to help you while traveling.


So, these are the main types of golf bags you need to know for now. Let us know if you have still any confusion regarding this issue.

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