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In the last few decades, golf bags have become very versatile pieces of equipment. There used to be just a phone to make calls, texts, a calculator, a torchlight, and to play some snake games, but nowadays we have a mini computer with incredible capabilities in our hand. 

Similarly, golf bags have also evolved with the help of technology to a new era. Many features are now standard in every golf bag, such as waterproof construction, ripstop fabric, aluminum legs, 3-way to 15-way organized top, fit disc technology, insulated cooler pockets, external putter wells, etc. 

Bluetooth-enabled built-in speakers are the newest addition to this list.

Music on the golf course is also becoming a new trend nowadays. Even so, many golfers are skeptical about this, as it could interfere with their concentration. Putting aside the debate, we would rather focus on the topic.

Golf Bag With Built-in Speakers

In my search for a golf bag with a built-in speaker, I have found one option that is worth considering. The one and only Sun Mountain Boom Bag. The bag gained huge popularity thanks to its cutting-edge technological adherence.

Nevertheless, simply attaching a new technology might not motivate you to change bags. Before checking the quality of the speaker, we must make sure the cart bag functions properly.

So, the bag has to pass two tests rather than just being a functional bag like its counterparts. Let’s see if the bag passes both tests.

Sun Mountain Boom Bag Review

I’ve been a fan of Sun Mountain golf bags for a long time. Mostly because of the value they bring to the industry and beyond. Unique and practical designs make their bags hard to compete with. They produce the most stylish golf bags as well.

The use of playing music on golf courses is on the rise, as we mentioned earlier. Sun Mountain saw an opportunity here and developed the first golf bag with an integrated speaker.

Anyway, let’s talk about the features of this bag below:

  • Top Diameter: 10.5″
  • Dividers: 14
  • Pockets: 13
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Color: 4 options available


The lack of storage in golf bags is a real problem and we hear this every now and then. A lack of space makes it impossible to store your clubs organized, valuables will be insecure, and many things should stay at home.

The Boom bag from Sun Mountain addresses this issue properly, and it provides enough storage.

Division: Having an organized top with 14 ways should be enough to brighten your day. Furthermore, an external putter well is included in addition to the 13 other individual club dividers. Some of the compartments have full length dividers for better club organization.

With 13 pockets, the bag has enough room for everything you need to take with you. Nevertheless, some of the pockets are quite small. The size of some pockets has been compromised due to the addition of too many pockets. If you would like to have more pockets with tight space than a smaller number of pockets with larger space, this bag is for you.

However, all pockets aren’t very squeezy and some are quite good. You can bring a few beverages inside the insulated pocket to keep you hydrated the rest of the day.


A diameter of 10.5″ provides enough room to organize the clubs and prevent tangling. Therefore, the clubs remain scratch-free and protected.

The pockets are front facing for quick access. If you need to keep or take something from the bag quickly, it will be very convenient.

The vinyl made construction offers two advantages. Firstly, it will be more durable, and secondly, it will be lighter. They both make it a useful golf bag.

The bag is perfectly suited for cart use. You can choose any of these 3 wheel push carts and it will work smoothly. It’s possible that the top calf might cause problems, but with cautious movement, I don’t think it will be a major issue.

Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Bag Golf Cart Bag...
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Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Bag Golf Cart Bag...
  • 10.5" 14-Way Top
  • Single strap
  • Thirteen individual club dividers,...
  • The velour-lined valuables pocket has...
  • Bluetooth controller can plug into a...


A common saying you must have heard is beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The same applies here. Personally, I like this bag’s design. This simple but elegant design instantly draws people’s attention.

Its impressive color variation is one of its most unique features. There have been four variations so far, including:

  • Cement-alpine-black
  • Black-camo-atomic
  • Black-ice-inferno
  • Gray-garnet-black

All of these options are available for the same price. 

Value for money

In my opinion, the price of the bag is comparatively high. 

In spite of the fact that it comes with some premium features, the price may still be a little difficult for people on a budget.

Besides its range of features, the built-in speakers could play a major role in its price. With the price of a quality bluetooth speaker and a high-end golf cart bag, the price won’t seem so high. 

Bluetooth Speaker

The latest technological advancement elevates this golf bag to a whole new level. Now you can easily connect your smartphone to the speaker and listen to your favorite music on the golf course! Furthermore, this Bluetooth speaker is compatible with both Android and iOS. 

In the beginning, I thought the sound would not be that great, it might just be a lucrative addition. Afterwards, I found that it has quite good sound quality and its volume is also up to par.

The battery lasts quite a while. You can also charge it using any budget-friendly portable charger if you need more playing time.

Yes, the sound could be better. Since it’s a mini speaker and it’s the first one to attach to a golf bag, it deserves a round of applause. No doubt, the quality of the next versions will improve. 

You can learn how to connect your smartphone to the Boom bag speaker in this video.

Final Words

So now you know which one to choose if you require a golf bag with built-in speakers. There will be a continuing rise in the use of these bags and more manufacturers will follow suit.

Sun Mountain Boom bag is the perfect choice for now in this regard. Due to their long experience in the golf industry, they know how to produce the best product using the latest technologies.

Please let us know your opinion. We are all ears.

Have a good day.

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