OGIO WOODE 8 Hybrid Stand Bag Review | Pros & Cons

OGIO, a US brand, has been making innovative golf bags for over three decades. Personally, I have been fond of their bags since 2015 and I hardly choose anything else till date.

My favorite OGIO items are Mutant travel bag, XIX stand bag 5, Shadow Fuse 304 stand bag, XIX cart bag 14, Convoy SE cart bag 14 and lastly the WOODĒ 8 hybrid bag to name a few.


OGIO bags have a few common characteristics. Their bags always have an exceptionally high standard of quality, maneuverability, and ergonomics. With ample storage and the use of the latest technology, their bags are hands down the best in the industry.

OGIO WOODE 8 Hybrid Stand Bag Review
  • Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 34 inches.
  • Weight: 6.54 lbs.
  • Materials: 300D Mini Ripstop Polyester
  • Dividers: 8-way WOODĒ Top with full length dividers
  • Date First Available : January 30, 2021
  • Manufacturer: Callaway

Features of OGIO WOODE 8 Hybrid Golf Bag


Nathan Adelman, the former head of marketing at OGIO explained in an interview with GolfSpotlight that,

This is a hybrid bag, so it’s not a lightweight carry bag, but it has a stand and carriable too.

The OGIO WOODE 8 hybrid stand bag has introduced an array of features in a compact sized bag. It is an ergonomic hybrid golf bag that can be easily placed on a cart, stand on uneven terrain or be carried with comfortability. 

So, we will cover some of the core features of this specialized hybrid bag here. Also we will talk about the pros & cons of this bag based on our review.

At the end of this review, you will find the official video of this product.

1. Dividers: 8-way WOODE top

The 8-way WOODE top is all about separating the canopy of head covers from the irons to make it easy to find the clubs that you need. It also helps to avoid the irons tangling with the drivers’ heads. All in all, they prioritize functionality and usability with this bag.

Benefits of WOODĒ 8 Top:

  • Sturdy enough to protect the clubs from damage
  • Easy to get the clubs in and out
  • Built with molded plastic and rubberized cushion that protect the shaft and drivers
  • Extra room for large putter grips as well as the grips are unlikely to catch on fabric.
2. Pockets: 9 Front Facing Pockets

There are all the pockets you need in your golf bag. This bag comes with 9 front facing pockets including

  • Rapid Access Snap Ball Pocket
  • Rapid Access Snap fleece lined valuables pocket
  • Water bottle pocket with drainage port etc.

Furthermore, all the pockets will be accessible whether you carry it or use a cart. Other notable features of the pocket section:

  • Rapid Access Snap Pockets

The zipperless rapid access snap pockets are truly blessings. You can take in or out your valuables in no time. Also snap pockets are safer than magnetic pockets since those are prone to falling down when placed upside down, thanks to the soft bracelet technology!

The snap pockets are available both in the valuables pocket and the ball pocket. Therefore, it is now easier and safer than ever to keep your smartphone or a ball in your bag pockets.

  • Low Profile Ball Silo

Golfers will no longer have to search for balls in their bag. The low-profile ball silo allows you to place the balls outside the bag and take them whenever you want without having to deal with any hassle. You will surely love this idea.

3. Straps: Dual/ single strap with Fit Disc

The OGIO WOODĒ 8 hybrid golf bag is available in both dual and single straps with Fit Disc self-balancing technology.

The pre-compressed cell foam of the straps makes it highly durable and unless other straps, they will not be worn out after a few usage. The straps are perfectly wide and distribute the weight evenly on your shoulder.

4. Accessories

Apart from all those cool features, it comes with an array of useful accessories too. These are including: 

  • Velcro glove patch
  • Towel loop
  • Pen holder
  • Umbrella holder
  • Matching rain hood 
  • Logo Ready etc.

Pros & Cons of OGIO WOODE 8 Hybrid Bag


  • An impressive way of organizing the clubs.
  • 9 spacious pockets provide ample storage.
  • Ergonomic design for utmost comfort and endurance.
  • Lightweight and easy mobility.
  • Sturdy construction with ripstop polyester.
  • Available in 6 different colors


  • While the price may be an issue, it’s worth every penny in my honest opinion.


Can this bag be used as a cart bag?

As a hybrid bag, you can use it as a cart bag as well.

Can this bag fit oversize grips?

There is enough room for oversize grips, and most grips should fit in this bag.

Final Verdict

So, we are already in the final part of this review. Having said all those things, I think there are enough reasons to check this bag out.

Please note that, if you are looking for a 14-way golf bag or an ultra-lightweight hybrid bag or a cheap golf bag under $100, this bag isn’t for you.

However, if you are looking for a great hybrid bag with some coolest technologies available, this bag is definitely for you. Click here to learn more or purchase the bag.

Hope this OGIO WOODE 8 hybrid stand bag review helps you to decide properly. Would love to hear your experience of using this bag too. Until then, stay safe, stay blessed. 

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