Best Golf Bag Accessories Reviews 2024

It is important to be aware of all of the golf bag accessories you need for the game of golf, including the clubs and the bags. 

Based on our research, we have been able to identify the best brands and deals. We believe that getting the right products at the right time with a right price is very important to the golfers.

Therefore, check out our golf bag reviews and also our reviews of the golf balls, tees, ball markers, and clubs to get the best deal.

Best Golf Bag Accessories in 2024


Golf balls were originally made from hardwoods, such as beech. Between the 14th and 16th centuries, expensive and better quality golf balls were made from leather skin stuffed with down feathers; these balls were called feathered balls.

Patents for recessed circular dimples were issued in the mid-1910s, but they did not become popular until the 1940s.

A golf ball must have a minimum diameter of 42.67 mm and a maximum mass of  45.93 g. Modern golf balls have a two, three, or four-layer design constructed from synthetic materials. 

There are usually 300-450 dimples on the ball’s surface to improve its aerodynamics. Material and construction greatly affect the ball’s playing characteristics, such as its trajectory, spin, distance, and feel. 

The ball travels farther when made of harder materials, such as Surlyn. Golf balls are  generally divided into three groups according to their construction. 

Generally, four-piece golf balls are the most expensive, although price does not guarantee quality.

It is one of the most important golf bag accessories.

Best Ball Brands: Callaway, Wilson, Srixon, Nitro, Nike Golf, Taylormade, Titliest, Bridgestone etc.

Golf Club

As per the rules, players may carry up to fourteen different types of clubs during a game. Golf clubs can be divided into three major categories – woods, irons, and putters. 

The woods are generally used for long shots from the tee or fairway, and rarely rough, while the irons are used for precision shots from fairways and rough. 

Short shots are played with wedges, which are irons clubs. New hybrid clubs combine the straight-hitting capability of irons with the easy-to-hit capability of high-lofted woods. Hybrids are often used for long shots from difficult rough. Players who have trouble getting the ball airborne with long irons also use hybrid clubs. 

The wedge is usually played from sand or rough, or for approach  shots to the green. 

The putter is used mainly on the green, but it can also be useful when playing from  bunkers or for some approach shots. Putters with minimal loft help the ball stay on the putting surface when they are struck. 

Drivers are the most prevalent clubs in golfers’ bags. Three woods, irons numbered 3 to 9 (with hybrids often replacing the 3 and 4 iron), wedges, and putter. 

A 5-wood and a gap wedge such as the gap wedge or a lob wedge are also common accessories.

Best Brands: TaylorMade, Cleveland, pinemeadow, callaway, Wilson, cobra, knight, Adams etc. 

Ball Marker

A ball is typically a round, flat piece of metal or plastic that is distinguished from others by its use. Ball markers are often integrated into other accessories, such as scorekeeping tools or tee holders, divot tools, and in the absence of a purpose-made marker, a small coin like a penny can also be used. 

The ball might be picked up while on the green in order to be cleaned or if it is in the way of a competitor’s putting line. A ball might also be picked up in certain other circumstances. The ball’s position must be marked using a ball marker in such cases.

Best brands: Callaway, Orlimar, CMC etc.


A tee is a wooden or plastic object pushed into the ground or placed on top to rest the ball on for a better shot. However, this is only allowed for the first stroke of each hole called tee shot or drive. Conventional golf tees are mainly spikes with a little cup on the head to hold the ball, and are commonly made of wood or plastic. 

Usually, wooden tees are inexpensive, cheap, and disposable; a player may damage or break many tees during a round of golf. Plastic tees are generally more expensive, but they last longer. 

It varies according to the type of club being used and personal preference, but longer tees allow the player to place the ball higher off the ground while remaining stable, and are usually  used for modern deep-faced woods. 

There are a few other varieties, like the “step tee,” which has an upper half that is spool-shaped, as well as generally providing an even ball height on each shot. 

Additionally, sand mounds can be used for the same purpose on the first shot if the rules permit it. It was the only accepted method for lifting the ball prior to the invention of the wooden spike tee. 

Tees are rarely used these days since they are relatively easy to place, hit from, and recover, but a few courses still allow them, either for traditional reasons or because the swing will drive the tee into the ground or rip it out, damaging the turf. If discarded incorrectly, the Tees also create litter.

Best Brands: Pride, JP Lann, Orlimar, Intech, Martini etc.

Golf Cart

A golf cart transports golfers and golf clubs  along the golf course during a round of golf. Hand golf carts are small and organized to only hold a bag, and they are used by players to move around the course without carrying the bag, which is quite heavy. 

The carts that carry both the player and the bag are more common on public golf  courses. All of these items are battery- and motor-powered. While gasoline-powered carts are often used by course staff, some courses and players are considering alternatives such as bicycle-drawn carts.

Traditional golf was played by walking, but due to a number of factors, golf carts are becoming more popular. An average par-72 course will measure out to somewhere between 6000 and 7000 total yards, not including distances between greens and tees, or errant shots. 

An average golfer can traverse up to five miles (8 kilometers) on a 7000-yard course. Golf players would typically spend 1.6 hours of a four-hour round walking to their next shot, leaving only two minutes to make every shot necessary for a par score. Even the casual golfer does not achieve the par score for the course.

Local rules may restrict the use of golf carts. Some courses may have rules such as “90 degree paths,” where drivers must remain on the cart path until they are level with their ball, but may then turn onto the course.

A “cart path only” driving restriction may be implemented on soft courses due to recent rains and to protect the turf. The same may be implemented on short par-3s where fairway shots do not always expect to be hit. 

At most major PGA tournaments, the use of carts is already banned altogether; players now walk the whole course assisted by a caddy who is always available to carry their  equipment.

Best Brands: CaddyTek, ClickGear, Bagboy, E-Z-GO, pinemeadow etc.

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The best golf bags often have a ring on which a player can clip a golf towel, which can be used to wipe hands, dry or clean balls and club faces. Most towels have grommets for durability and are attached to the golf bag by a carabineer or other type of clip. Sometimes, the towel includes rougher materials in certain places for cleaning club heads and balls and softer materials in other places for drying. 

A few golf towels are made of micro fibers to give the user extra comfort and care. All other cleaning products are also available, from motorized ball cleaners to brushes for various types of clubs and shoes.

Best Brands: Tri-fold, CMC, Green’s towel,  NFL etc.

Club Head Covers

Covers for golf clubs protect them from hitting other clubs, the weather, and other incidental damage while in a golf bag. Club head covers help players identify their clubs quickly and add a personal touch of flair to their clubs. 

Fairway woods and drivers are the best types of club head covers for golfers, as modern designs have hollowed heads and long shafts that are more frequently damaged.

Best Brands: Proactive,Craftsmen, HDE, Andux etc.

Ball Mark repair tool

A ball mark repair tool is also called a pitchfork or divot tool. It is used to repair ball marks. Ball Marks appear on the green after a golf ball hits the ground on the approach shot). The tool at the end of some tees is for pure convenience  when on the green. 

If a ball mark needs to be repaired, one should drive a tool next to it and gently push inwards from all directions.

Best Brands: Proactive, titleist, pitchfix, NCAA etc.


Golf clothing includes gloves, shoes, and a few specialized items such as shirts,  pants, and shorts. It keeps players warm and dry while not restricting their range of motion.

Best Brands: Nike, adidas, IZOD, Callaway, PGA tour etc.


Golfers often wear gloves to prevent blistering and help them grip the club. Golf  gloves are sold individually and are typically worn on the dominant hand only. In addition, the players wear gloves on both hands to reduce chafing. 

Having good grip and control makes it possible to take harder swings with greater control. There is an increase in distance thanks to this.

It is another crucial golf bag accessories undoubtedly.

Best Brands: Callaway, Taylormade, Footjoy, Nike etc.


Modern golfers wear special shoes with spikes attached to the sole. Spikes can be made of metal or plastic, and are designed to increase traction. 

As a result, it assists the players in keeping their balance during the swing, on the green, or  in the wet conditions. Most modern golf courses have banned metal spikes and only allow plastic spikes to minimize the roughness of spike marks on greens.

The spikes on most golf shoes are replaceable, they are usually attached to the shoes with either a thread or a twist lock. There are two sizes of thread in common use, referred to as ‘large thread’ and ‘small thread’. 

The most common locking systems are Q-LOK and Tri-LOK (aka “Fast Twist”). The locking system uses a plastic thread that can be locked in about a half turn.

Best Brands: skechers, Nike, adidas, Footjoy etc.

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Other aids

Golfers can also make use of a few other tools to aid them in their game. Below, you will find a few of those brands in an effort to assist you.

There are strict rules regarding these, but for courtesy to other players, a player retrieving his ball should act quickly and should not spend time retrieving  abandoned balls.

Best Brands: I GOTCA, Orlimar, Callaway, Intech, Proactive etc.


Golfers use rangefinders to calculate their distance from the hole. The  golf rule 14-3 states that rangefinders are illegal. 

Although the USGA allows individual clubs to adopt a local rule permitting rangefinders, these are very common among non-professional and  recreational golfers. 

Typical rangefinders are optical devices that are aimed by finding the scope on the flag and using a calibrated gauge in the optics to measure and  estimate the distance based on the flagstick’s actual height.

Best Brands: Bushnell, Nikon, Breaking 80 etc.

Stroke Counters

The purpose of stroke counters is to keep track of how many strokes a player has made on a hole, in a round, or both. 

The advanced electronic scorecard devices are multi-functional and sometimes equipped with additional features that are prohibited on the course, like rangefinders or wind gauges.

Best Brands: Proactive, Orlimar, Score etc.

Positional Guides

Positional guides include a variety of devices designed to improve a player’s stance  or swing.

Lasers are attached to the shaft of a putter and provide a “putting line” on the  ground. Specialized tapes attach to the club head and provide clues as to how the head is hitting the ground or the ball so future adjustments can be made. Positional guides are also illegal in tournament play, but are essential in practice.

Best Brands: Set up sticks, Graves etc.

Adhesive Clubface Surfaces

An adhesive clubface surface is attached to the face of irons or woods for additional backspin or to make the club face softer for more accurate and consistent short-range shots. Professional competitions are also prohibited from using these.

Best Brands: Profix, Brampton, Cramer etc.

Ball Washer

A ball washer is used to clean golf balls. Many golf courses now provide stand-mounted ball-washers near the tee box of each  hole. In some courses, golf carts are equipped with washers for the balls and clubs. 

There is a strict rule that a player is not allowed to clean the ball between shots. Upon landing on the green, the player can pick up and wipe off the ball to remove dirt that could interfere with the ball rolling along the green and between holes.

Best Brands: Club clean, Proactive, BallBrite etc.

Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids have been developed to help players improve their driving, putting, golf swing speed, impact, and  the mental game of golf. A lot of the modern golf training equipment can be used during practice, but not for competitive  play. These tools are essential for both professionals and non-professionals, even for beginners to learn and improve.

Best Brands: SKLZ,  Callaway, swingyde etc. are best.

Final Words

So, these are the most common golf bag accessories you need when playing. Hope you found some answers in the article.

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